Her brave decision to move to Italy at the age of 17 led Rosemarie Abela not only to mature as a designer, but also to reevaluate her time with family. Having initially attended MCAST Art & Design course in Malta for two years, she wanted to give her life a different turn. And so with the backup of her parents, she moved to Florence. Initially she felt like in heaven, but at the end of the 4th year Rosemarie began missing the awesome Maltese life.

In June 2014, she graduated successfully from one of the best international schools Polimoda at Florence Italy with a menswear collection and came back to Malta. Here the Siggiewi native decided to participate for the first time in the Malta Fashion Week, where she won the Best Upcoming Designer title with the Kenshin Collection.

Having missed the Fashion Week in 2015 due to lack of funds, she she was back on her feet in 2016, even with a Studio in Qormi to welcome all her clients. In 2016 her team began preparing for the Malta Fashion Week 2017, La Cupola Collection. As a local designer, she considers Malta Fashion Week to be one of the best backup platforms we have in Malta.

During 2017 they attended the Maltese TV programme Venere twice – one time showing a mix of La Cupola, Kenshin and Karma collection, and the second time showing La Cupola collection. One of the best highlights in 2017 was attending Serbia Fashion Week thanks to Adrian J.Mizzi, who initiated the collaboration between Malta and Serbia.

Photo credit: Kurt Paris

Rosemarie is well aware that, at 26, she is still very young, and she was worried to show her collection internationally because she wants the people to take the brand seriously and not just commercially good-looking. Yet her experience has been positive: “It’s fantastic receiving so much positive comment, on the quality, branding, ideas, paintings etc.”

In Serbia, she learnt from other, more experienced designers and came back to Malta filled with extra ideas on how she can improve and add to what she has already achieved. “Thankfully business is flourishing even more this year, and I am looking forward for new experience during 2018. Of course you will see me again with a new collection during Malta Fashion Week this year,” stated Rosemarie.

Eve: Back in 2014, you’ve been awarded as the Best Upcoming Designer. How did you feel about this fact?

Posemarie Abela: I remember the night of the awards very well. Guys, I swear, I never expected to win, in fact after the show I calmly went packing the luggage so that I will be ready to enjoy the after party after all that hard work. I got to know that they had to call my name three times for me to hear and accept that I have won. An award I still treasure to the day.

Photo credit: Steven Lee Vella

Eve: Your Rosemarie Abela brand is all about high quality and high-pitched standard. What fashion does your brand specialise in?

RA: The brand, as you said, has high standards. I have been working even more to continue to improve the standards all will hopefully be able to see this in the next collection. Since we are a brand, we don’t have just one range casual, and that’s it. The collections always have casual looks, weekend looks, and statement pieces, which are more of evening looks. Each season we work on a new idea, develop a silhouette and begin to extract the look depending on the idea.

Photo credit: Kurt Paris

Eve: When you’re not designing, what do you do that gives you equal pleasure?

RA: I really adore TV series. Sometimes I think I am even obsessed with some of them. I love historical ones especially. Something else that I adore equally is spending time with my two nephews. Apparently I am an awesome aunty.

Eve: What is it that you cannot live without?

RA: I came to really adore my family due to the time spent abroad. I love dinners with them, chats with my brothers, playing with my nephews, and obviously my partner in crime, my fiance. All of them back me up in a unique way in every thing I do. I tryto do the same for them with my free time. Family is the only certain thing you have in this world!