A game of basketball with his father at the age of five put Kurt Cassar on track. After years of dreaming to play basketball abroad and to be a professional basketball player, he was selected for Malta National Team under 16 one summer, and after winning the tournament and the best player title, he got a call from Rome. A club named Stella Azzurra Rome invited him to go for a trial.

“I went, I was accepted, and from that day (3rd September 2014) until now, I am playing with them. Four years have passed and I feel that I am another player,” the 18-year-old Mosta native is beaming. “This year it will be my last year and from next season, I still need to decide where to go, because I have many choices.”

Eve: Can you recall the first time you played basketball?

Kurt Cassar: It was when I was five years old. I used to go with my dad to practise with his team almost every day. Then I joined the Hibernians Basketball Nursery and until I turned 15, I played with them.

Eve: You play basketball in Italy. Have you moved from Malta for good and why the decision to play with an overseas team?

KC: I like Malta so much, but for sports, if you want to succeed, you need to go overseas. Obviously, in the beginning it was a hard decision for me and for my family, but I want to become a high-class professional basketball player.

Eve: Is fashion an important part of your life?

KC: Until now not so much, but when I will be earning money and playing on a very high level, I want it to change. However, until now I focus on my goal.

Eve: How would you describe your relationship with money?

KC: At this young age, I want to play and show what a player I am. Then when clubs start to see me playing and playing good maybe, I will have some good offers and signing a good contract too. I have to say that winning is better that losing.

Eve: Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

KC: In ten years’ time, I hope that it will be the best time of my career. I hope that I will be playing around Europe and make my country proud.