Action Planet, a nationwide sustainability initiative, launched a campaign on Friday on the Maltese crowdfunding platform ZAAR to support a student-led exhibition. The exhibition has brought together students from schools, MCAST, the University of Malta, and the Malta Women’s Sound Network and Inspire. Together they have created art and sound installations, apps, media installations, photographs and artworks to help raise environmental awareness and inspire change.

Photo from the exhibition opening by Daiva Repečkaitė

Action Planet, which unites more than 40 local organisations, NGOs and government ministries, aims to find solutions to sustainability issues and encourage people to consider how their daily lifestyle choices are impacting Malta and the world. “By improving sustainability in Malta all our lives will be positively impacted, so the Action Planet project encourages people to make simple yet profound changes that will greatly improve our environment, health and wellbeing,” says Action Planet Project Founder Fiona Hornstein. “The Action Planet exhibition gives students an amazing opportunity to be a part of this incredible nationwide initiative. It gives them a voice and a stage to express their views and make a difference.”

To raise the €5,000 required to support the exhibition, Ms Hornstein followed a friend’s recommendation to crowdfund on ZAAR, which, like Action Planet, is also a local initiative focused on Malta, and offers personal support, media assistance and promotion to the business market through CORE and the Chamber of Commerce.

Forming part of the Spazju Kreattiv Season programme, the exhibition is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Education and Employment, and the Energy and Water Agency. To complement the exhibition, Wasteserv, Esplora, Kopin and SOS Malta will also be leading school workshops, and speaker events that are open to the public. Family workshops and speaker events will be supported by the University of Malta, BirdLife Malta, the Malta National Aquarium, Global Green Events and others.

Photo from the exhibition opening by Daiva Repečkaitė

By supporting the Action Planet crowdfunding campaign on ZAAR, companies can fulfil their corporate social responsibility, whilst all sponsors will appear in the Action Planet publication that is sent throughout Malta to schools, MCAST, the University and Government Ministries.

More information is at – see the ‘Action Planet’ crowdfunding campaign.