After the confusion due to bad weather last week, Festivals Malta together with the Organisational Carnival Committee have decided to hold Carnival activities during the weekend. The Children’s Carnival is taking place on Saturday 17 February from 9:30am in St George’s Square, Valletta, with regular tickets costing €5.

In the afternoon, another activity will take place at 3:30pm, which includes dances and a float defile. The tickets cost €7, with VIP tickets available at €15.

Photo credits: Brandon Bonnet

On Sunday 18 February the Gran Defilé will take place in St Anne’s Street, Floriana from 2 pm onwards. Festivals Malta announces that the submitted votes with regards the competitions of the Carnival of Malta will be opened next Monday, 19 February, and the competition results will be announced later on in the afternoon.

Photo credits: Brandon Bonnet

Whoever bought a Carnival ticket and did not use it will be contacted by for a refund. Therefore new tickets must be bought for this weekend’s Carnival activities which are against payment. New tickets can be bought online from TicketLine or the Embassy Cinemas, Valletta.

Check out the official website and the Facebook page for more Carnival updates as well as photos of this year’s Carnival.