Last time I discussed how to boost your confidence and start feeling better about yourselves through putting your best face forward. Today I will focus on the little things that affect self-image greatly with so little effort – and yet to the point that they will make heads turn.

Buy Clothes That Suit You, Not What Is In Fashion

I have finally understood The Truth. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. It is useless to follow the latest trends if they don’t look good on you. On the other hand, some fits and shapes might scream ‘you’ at the top of their fictitious voices. These are the items you will automatically reach for in your wardrobe time and again. So ditch the fashion items with skirts that ride up as you walk or make you feel fat rather than flattering. Favour staples in shapes that you have tried, tested and loved. In time, you will find your own style and never go back to random clothes shopping.

Wear Matching Underwear

They might not be on show, but I actually do feel better about myself when I remember that I am wearing matching underwear. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune either, just find your basic colours and stick to always buying your bras and panties in those colours, even if they’re separate. Voila’ – matching sets every time. The confidence boost this gives a woman is parallel to none.

Own an LBD, but Never Wear All Black

The LBD deserves a place in every woman’s wardrobe. In my case I’d say it has more than one place! Truly, nothing is as versatile as that little black dress – I learnt that from my very first experience with one back when I was fourteen. Yet it should be paired up with some touches of colour through jewellery, a scarf, a patterned or colourful handbag, else those tantalising red shoes. Otherwise black can announce ‘boring’ as nothing else can.

Better Than Waxing, Epilate

In order to truly wear my LBD numbers with pride, I need smooth legs. Some girls shave, others wax their legs or use hair removal creams. I have found an epilator to be the most practical solution as long as I use it regularly. Unlike waxing, it does not leave spotting from enlarged pores; unlike creams, it will leave no irritable itchy skin, and unlike shaving with a blade, there is no quick thick regrowth. Rather, used religiously and not alternated with other methods of hair removal, it will in time drastically reduce your hair regrowth whilst leaving the skin smooth. Trust me, this is a testimony coming from someone who needed some form or other of hair removal even before needing a bra whilst growing up! That said, do exfoliate your legs from time to time, as otherwise epilation might cause ingrown hairs.

So there you have it, a list of tricks that won’t break the bank or take too much time whilst making you feel and look like a million bucks.