A taut and rigorous adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s classic play En Folkefiende – An Enemy of the People, which examines the fault lines of power, will be exposed in a thrilling drama of the conflict between the personal and the public. Produced by Unifaun Theatre and directed by Toni Attard, An Enemy of the People, adapted by award-winning playwright Brad Birch, takes Ibsen’s classic play into the centre of a very modern scandal.

Photo credit: Jacob Sammut

The play follows the story of Dr Stockmann, a scientist and employee of a new spa, who leaks a major scandal to the local papers in his Norwegian hometown. As the events unfold, the uneasy relationship between the media and politicians is exposed through a discovery that could put many of the townspeople’s lives at risk.

Running between 9 and 11 March, and again between 16 and 18 March at M Space in Msida, the play will feature an all-star cast made up of Premju għall-Arti-nominee for Best Artist of the Year, Mikhail Basmadjian, as well as Anthony Ellul, Simone Spiteri, Antonella Axisa, Victor Debono, Philip Leone Ganado, Jean Marc Cafà and Raquel Theuma. “This is a fast-moving production – eight actors play out 17 sequences in just an hour within a contemporary minimalistic setting”, says Toni Attard, who has previously directed Tender Napalm and The Bacchae.

Over the past century, An Enemy of the People has become a classic in the genre, and its politically-charged themes that question the relationships between politics, media and citizens in a society continue to reverberate as strongly as ever. “This work resonates with the current post-truth global environment where people are questioning their trust in both the media and politics and where a space for the third voice is either eulogised or despised,” the director adds.

An Enemy of the People challenges the conversations we’re having about the credibility of the media both locally and abroad, to the extent that people in Malta ascertain that they trust politicians more than the media. This is a situation we should address more head-on,” Mr Attard concludes.

Tickets for An Enemy of the People start at just €15 and can be purchased from For more information, please call 7905 6558.