As the national Eurovision finalists are preparing to compete for your hearts, many are wondering what the next Eurovision hit will be. After all, if we’re not discussing politics or religion, then the Eurovision is all that we have left.

Many people today think that the Eurovision is just a silly contest where nations send their best (or, sometimes, worst) singer to represent them. But over the years, the Eurovision has proven itself to be a great platform for singers and songs to go viral and global. Here are my top five.

Domenico Modugno – Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare) 

It may surprise many people to discover that Italy’s 1958 entry didn’t win the Eurovision. But that’s okay, as the song has gone on to become the most commercially successful Eurovision song. In fact, it spent five weeks at the top of America’s Billboard charts and won two Grammies!


Loreen – Euphoria

I’m sure that this song doesn’t need any introductions… But did you know that Sweden’s 2012 entry was a winner in more ways than one? When Loreen’s song won, it topped the charts in 17 countries!


Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix 

For those of us who have been watching the Eurovision for decades, very few things on the song contest’s stage can surprise us. I mean, have quite literally seen it all, right? Well, we thought so, until Conchita – a bearded man killing the evening-dress look – took to the stage. Since that 2014 win for Austria, Conchita has gone on to become a global superstar sharing the limelight – literally – with major designers and world leaders.


Ofra Haza – Hi 

When Israel’s 1983 entry took to the stage in Munich, many realised that this was quite a powerful moment. Singing the line ‘I’m still alive, alive, alive / Israel is alive’ near the site of the 1972 Munich massacre was both political and poignant. The song didn’t win – it placed second – but its significance was revived when, in 1988, Ofra became a global superstar with the song Im Nin’ Alu.


ABBA – Waterloo

It’s impossible to discuss the Eurovision – or indeed pop music – without mentioning ABBA, one of the most commercially successful groups ever. With their 1974 entry on behalf of Sweden, ABBA didn’t just win the Eurovision and give us the most universally-known Eurovision song, they also launched their legendary international career.


Which Eurovision song is your favourite?

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