Maltese singer-songwriter Alexandra Alden launches her campaign on ZAAR for Vinyl pressing of her first full-length album. Her debut full-length album ‘Wild Honey’ will be released in March. Featuring songs the popular singer-songwriter composed during her time living in both Malta and the Netherlands, where she currently lives and studies, ‘Wild Honey’ is formed around Alden’s love of the acoustic guitar and encompasses the themes of sentimentality, loyalty and loss.

Produced and engineered at Rocktown Studios in Rotterdam, the album also features prominent Dutch musicians Hanyo Van Oosterom, Ocki Klootwijk and Marien Okkerse. “Alexandra Alden is a talented songwriter in the tradition of great songwriters such as Nick Drake, Carly Simon and even Joni Mitchell,” say Ocki Klootwijk and Hanyo Van Oosterom. “She writes timeless, classic songs with a hypnotic touch of minimalism. As producers and music lovers, we know ‘Wild Honey’ will be a great album, and it is very important that it will be released on the best possible medium – vinyl.”

Whilst Ms Alden and the Rocktown team have invested 80 per cent of the funds required to complete the project, and the Malta Arts Funds has entrusted a further 10 per cent, the crowdfunding campaign on ZAAR aims to raise the remaining 10 per cent required to print ‘Wild Honey’ on vinyl at Reciprocal Records in Malta. Music-lovers supporting Ms Alden’s ZAAR campaign will not only be helping to produce the album in the highest quality, but will also receive a discount and pre-order of the vinyl edition of ‘Wild Honey’.

Supporters who choose the exclusive crowdfunding deal on ZAAR will also receive a discount on tickets to the official album release event taking place on 24 March 2018 at Offbeat in Valletta. This intimate launch party promises to be a fun and valuable networking opportunity with professional musicians from the Netherlands.

For more information about the campaign, see, and to learn more about Alexandra, see her website and Instagram account.