After four years of research and writing, John Naudi is launching City of Shadows, a mystery thriller set in late 19th Century Valletta. The author, 31, says his love for the capital city has helped him evoke life in what was then a teeming city with five times the population it hosts today.

The novel sees a British constable, Archibald Whitlock, sent to the Maltese islands to help solve a series of grisly murders haunting Valletta. At the same time, local Dominican Lorenzo Testaferrata answers the Lord’s call and goes to great lengths to save his flock from this terrible fate. Amidst the mayhem, troubled Maltese girl, Rita Formosa, gets lost in the dark and narrow lanes of Strada Stretta, where every form of danger lurks.

This is not the author’s first book. In his late teens he published Tales from Alrais – a collection of fictional short stories. Later, through The Downfall of Pride, he has managed to intricately narrate his experiences as a lay missionary in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

City of Shadows is also available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle (see the author’s website). The book launch this Sunday at 6–8 pm will include a short speech by the author, an opportunity to purchase paperbacks, as well as book signing, at the Palazzo De La Salle, Valletta. Entrance is free of charge.