Adrian Buckle’s new play will make its debut with an all-American cast at Spazju Kreattiv

Renowned Maltese playwright and producer Adrian Buckle, who is known for his daring and thought-provoking approach to theatre, is about to unveil his new script to the public. “This script has been a long time in the making and I believe it is my most developed piece to-date,” says Mr Buckle.

The play, Collapse, will make its stage debut on 17 February. Set in a dystopian future under siege, the play begins on the chaotic and violent streets of an unnamed city, with armed soldiers raping and killing at whim. A young woman named Greta lives together with her damaged boyfriend Robbie, who is not allowed outside for the sake of his safety.

“Together the lovers have created a bullet-proof bubble around themselves, full of stories and fairytales, and oblivious to the trouble outside,” Mr Buckle explains. “That is, until Stella comes to visit, at which point Greta and Robbie’s world is turned upside down.”

Collapse’s all-American cast are flying to Malta specifically to present the piece. It will be spearheaded by American director Dave Barton, who is known for his involvement in local productions including Blasted and Attempts on Her Life, which were produced by Unifaun Productions.

“Dave and I share a very similar approached to theatre and we like the same things,” Mr Buckle continues. “So I knew he would be the ideal director for Collapse – in fact, he has helped tweak the piece throughout the writing process and been very involved. Beyond that, we also agreed that an American cast would be best suited to the piece, and I am looking forward to watching the results of the team’s creative process when they arrive in Malta later this month. “I hope it will contribute to the dynamic year of theatre that we will enjoy over the next few months as a result of Valletta’s role as European Capital of Culture 2018,” Mr Buckle adds.

This play is part of Spazju Kreattiv Programme and funded by the MAF Project Fund.

Collapse (18+) will run for three consecutive weekends in the main theatre at Spazju Kreattiv. Tickets are available on Spazju Kreattiv website or by calling 2122 3216.