On Thursday, 18th January, Inizjamed will be organising its twenty-first Open Mic. The organisers have received a set of keys to a special place for a whole week: Il-Ħanut, in Strait Street, in the city that for a year will be the Capital of Culture.

The special place demands a special guest. This special guest, Clare Azzopardi, lives in a very old house. She is the Head of Maltese Department at the Junior College, and when she is not lecturing, she is either reading or writing.

She wrote and translated more than a few children’s books, together with two volumes of stories for adults. Some of these stories got published in magazines off the Maltese shores. Her last book, Kulħadd ħalla isem warajh was published in Croatia, and is also in the process to be published in Hungary and Romania. Later this year, Azzopardi will publish her first novel for adults.

Clare Azzopardi will be performing halfway through the evening. Before for after her, you are free to liberate from yourself everything that has been simmering in your own self, or on your notebook. You can read a poem, a story, do any kind of stand-up, sing an original song, or anything else you deem fit to express yourself. Any dialect, any language, is more than welcome. Really the more the merrier.

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