Stella Paris is a model, actress, philanthropist, instagram influencer and entrepreneur. She has been published and appeared on covers on magazines and newspapers in the US and the UK, majorly Playboy, The Midweek Sport, The Daily Sport, Twisted Edge, Prototype, Pg7, RHK, Implied Plus, Lifestyle magazine and Reveal.

In the year 2017, she was nominated in the UK Glamour Awards and won two titles, Best Glamour Model and Daily Sport Girl of the Year.  She has also worked as an actress on various action and horror series and movies, including A Place Among the Undead, City of Spies, Red Army Hooligans, Last Wish, Final Score and Death do us Apart. All of these will be released later in 2018 and 2019.

As if this wasn’t enough, Stella has a degree in Bachelor of Science, and she speaks and understands English, Italian, French, Maltese, basic Arabic, basic Spanish, and a few words in Japanese, Romanian and Hindu. She just picks them up as she travels all around the world.

Eve: You’re a Maltese actress, internationally published model, philanthropist and blogger. Can you recall the first time you performed in front of a camera or audience?

Stella Paris: When I was little, my aunt used to take videos of me being silly, so I guess I always liked being in front of the camera and receiving attention. I also used to be put in front of my class in Year 3 to tell spontaneous stories, and although I don’t remember the actual narration, I do remember my parents saying that the teacher was very proud of me. For some time during my teenage years, I lost my confidence and had low-self esteem, so I did not like being in front of an audience. My first proper recollections of an audience were when I was Miss Mosta and when I danced on the stage at The Isle of MTV Malta.

Eve: You moved from Malta to London, and sometimes reside in Miami. When was it that you decided to leave Malta, and why?

SP: I decided to leave Malta five years ago, and I left a few days before Christmas. I wanted a new life, and for this I had to change location and make new goals. Me and my ex had just broken up a few months before and I would have left a year earlier, had I not been with him for a year. In fact, I was meant to move to St. Marteen in the Caribbean for a job opportunity when I first met him. But since I fell in love, I cancelled everything and remained in Malta for another year.

Eve: You made your acting debut in a forthcoming Hollywood based TV series, A Place Among the Undead (2016), directed by Juliet Landau and Deverill Weekes. In 2016, you featured in forthcoming movie Final Score. In 2017, you performed the role of Nadiya, a Ukrainian secretary to an ambassador, in forthcoming Vienna-based movie City of Spies (2017), directed by Philip Moran. You has been cast in upcoming films Last Wish, Red Army Hooligans, Death Do Us Apart, Rotten Cotton and Two Wrongs. What are your plans for this year?

SP: This year filming work will continue with some of the above mentioned movies, including Last Wish, and most probably Rotten Cotton and Two Wrongs. I am also involved in some other projects, but I can’t speak much about them right now due to signing NDA contracts. I am also planning my annual fundraiser for the Somawathi Home in Sri Lanka, probably in April/May. Furthermore, I am visiting Cayman Islands, Jamaica and most probably Peru. I always know about my schedule very close to the date, so it is hard to say what I’m going to be doing for the whole year. I can assure you a lot of interesting things will be happening, so I suggest to my fans to stay tuned and follow my Instagram page @missstellaparis for the latest news.

Eve: As a model, you’ve been published in Playboy Slovakia, among others. Can you tell us more about your modelling experience for Playboy?

SP: Doing the photoshoot for Playboy was a lot of fun. I stayed in Toronto, Canada for two days, majorly for the Playboy shoot itself. I had a very good sleep in my hotel room the night before. At 8am, the make-up artist arrived and did my hair and make-up. We then drove to the location of the shoot, where I met the Playboy photographer, the crew of Naked News Channel and assistants. Although Canada, was quite cold, the shoot was very glamorous. The  crew and photographer were very energetic and also respectful and professional. The photoshoot and interview lasted about three hours in total, and I loved every minute.

Eve: What is it that you cannot live without?

SP: Motivation and success.

Eve: Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

SP: On a deckchair by a pool surrounded by my cute micro-pig and dogs. I would have persuaded half the world’s population to be vegetarian.