The first article in our series on resolutions

The end of another year is a time to make some resolutions. Here’s one that we would all benefit from:to love ourselves more and believe in ourselves too. I will, over the course of two articles, be sharing with you some of the tips I learnt and practice which you can easily adopt to turn yourself into someone worth talking about.

I’ve had one rollercoaster ride of a year myself, and found that despite all else happening around me and to me, confidence was key to tackling life head on. I am not usually a materialistic person but sometimes looks do matter when it comes to helping us feel better about ourselves. Here’s what you should start right away.

Set Your Hair Free
I spent long years of my life with my hair in a ponytail and curly wisps erratically escaping the tightly pulled-back hairdo. When eight months ago my best friend suggested letting my hair loose, I gave it a try and loved it so much I can count the few days I ever pulled it back since.

Colour It So It Suits You
My hair is naturally a very dark brown that doesn’t suit me at all. I tried red and loved it, but the roots grew horribly too soon for me to maintain properly. I coloured it purple and it just made me paler, as well as very frustrated with the continual colouring conditioner that I needed to apply every week. On the other hand, going a few shades lighter than my natural brown and adding ash streaks suited me to perfection, both literally and also because the only upkeep it needs is appropriate colour-and-highlight-saver shampoo, conditioner and regular retouching. So find your perfect colour and it will become part of your signature look.

Cleanse Your Face Daily
It is amazing what a good facial wash did to clear my face from all the stress-related pimples. This is one item I suggest you don’t skimp on. The difference to your skin will justify its cost.

Use a BB Cream, Especially in Summer
I start my day at 5.15am and the last thing I need is to have to wake up even earlier to put on makeup. I found the trick to a blemish-free face is a simple BB cream. In summer it is anyway necessary for UV protection and moisturising to avoid the skin getting itchy and dry from the Mediterranean sun’s powerful rays. So this is a product with multiple benefits and one I use daily, all year round.

Try Contacts
This coming from a scared cat who refused to use lenses even for my own wedding day, preferring to go through the evening in a blur rather than sticking something into my eyes. It was again the said best friend who suggested I try them. In my bid to make-over my look, I did. They might be a pain to put in but they work wonders. Not only are they more comfortable than having heavy specs sitting on the bridge of my nose, I can actually show off my eye makeup rather than hide it behind my glasses as I used to. Add to that, eyes are more attractive when they are not sitting behind framed glass.

Buy Funky Glasses
As an alternative to contact lenses, I love to wear glasses that attract attention. What’s more, with online shops providing cool offers and trendy designs, you don’t even need to go broke to get yourself a few pairs to match with your clothes!

There’s so much more to say about image and how to easily transform into a confident person who attracts people to them for all the right reasons. So keep tuned for the second part of this article, where I will turn to the issue of the overall image.

Have you tried out any of these tips? How did you feel?

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