One of the recent advances in artificial intelligence, already touring various tech shows, is the development of highly realistic humanoid sex robots. This one, named Harmony, introduces herself as an “advanced female android with artificial intelligence”. One of her creators, however, wants the work to sound more romantic than most people will perceive it. He presents the robot as a “conversation partner” with a “capability” to have sex, among other things.

The robot is programmed to remember past interactions, react to users’ preferences, and have her own. Some commentators of the Facebook page where the video appeared, Fabulous, regretted that so much effort is not directed at cancer research or other vital areas where technology is needed.

The creators have selected a voice with a Scottish accent to give the robot more personality. They insist that the robot is not a replacement for human-to-human relationships. Let’s see how things end up for Harmony. At a recent tech fair, users molested another sex robot so badly that it had to be sent for repairs.

Do you think Harmony is creepy? Or would you like to get to know her?

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