Are you looking for a post-holiday detox? Perhaps it’s time to try matcha, if you haven’t. Smooth, mellow and not at all bitter, the majestic tea with its bright green colour has infiltrated itself pretty well. Matcha lattes have become part of our coffee menus, breakfasts, and coffee/tea rituals in our everyday lives. Once tried, it leaves us longing for more and sets us wondering where it all began.

The preparation and consumption of finely ground tea is attributed to Zen Buddhists. Together with its Chinese method of roasting and pulverising (matcha owes its origin to China), was introduced in Japan sometime around the 1191, where it became an important item in Zen monasteries. Shade-grown tea trees, used for matcha, produce higher levels of theanine and caffeine, which are said to be the reason behind the soothing calm energy we feel when we drink it.

As if the feel-good factor is not enough, here are some of the many benefits of matcha powder:

1. It is super rich in antioxidants including EGCg – these fairy godmothers keep cancer and other diseases at bay.

2. It lowers cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood.

3. It’s rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, naturally detoxifies and boosts our metabolism.

4. It is a mood enhancer and improves concentration.

In Japan, this green powder is not only popular in the form of tea but as a matcha version of everything. One trip to Japan, and you’ll stumble upon matcha versions of your favourite snacks – from matcha cakes to matcha ice cream to matcha KitKat to matcha Oreos and so on. Why not try matcha-everything here?