Guest post by Michael of TryMattress

Experts tell us not to lose sleep worrying about all the problems of the day to come or of the day that has passed. But sometimes snooze escapes us not because of worrying too much, but because of other factors, such as a room too hot or too cold, lack of proper ventilation, too many blue light devices around us, or an uncomfortable mattress. Luckily, many of these are under our control and we can make sure to get our well-deserved rest every night, to keep us going even through the most challenging days.

We can turn off all gadgets, relax before going to sleep, adjust the room temperature, or open a window. We can even apply a few clever mattress hacks which will boost our slumber, starting with the old tricks (placing a duvet between the mattress and the sheets or adding more firm pillows to support the body) or choosing the modern smart solutions. Since I became quite a fan of the present-day quick fixes, let me share a few helpful ideas with you.

Use a Mattress Pad or a Foam Topper for Warmth

The science of sleep says that we get the optimal rest if the temperature is low, but not less than 15.5 degrees. Our body may experience some severe sleeping problems if it’s colder than that. Instead of wrapping up in heavy quilts, put a heated mattress pad on the bed! It will do an excellent job warming up your body and the mattress surface as well. Memory foam toppers are also an outstanding option when it comes to providing the warmth you need for a good night sleep.

Go for a Cooling Topper to Bring the Temperature Down

I know people who have a tough time trying to sleep in a bed or a room that feels too hot. A cooling mattress topper is a right answer in such situations. This particular product is made from gel-infused memory foam. Its main quality it that it can take in your body heat and distribute it uniformly while you sleep. That way you won’t wake up in the middle of the night feeling too hot and sweaty. Instead, you will enjoy a healthy repose.

Try NASA Technologies

A cooling mattress protector is an intelligent gadget initially developed for NASA. This item is, in fact, a smart mattress cover made of a waterproof base, a thermo-regulator fabric layer, and a cotton top that breathes. Its mission is to absorb the excess body heat during the night, store it and then release it only when necessary. The beauty of it is that this fantastic invention is now available for anyone, not just for space explorers.

Embrace Innovation

You finally decide to get your dream bed, and you ramble through various showrooms and try mattress after mattress until you get the right one. Still, you’re not sleeping well, so what can you do? Thanks to new technologies, the answer is simple now: invest in a state-of-the-art mattress cover. They rely on sophisticated sensors and algorithms to turn your bed into a resourceful bunk. Such devices can set the temperature separately for each side of the bed, for two people sleeping on it (at the same time!) and control your bedroom environment by communicating with other smart devices in your home. They can turn down the lights, play your favorite nocturnal music, lower the temperature, lock the door, and even start your Wi-Fi controlled coffee maker in the morning.

All that’s left for you to do is sleep like an angel!