Letter from a reader

Ever since I was a young boy I was fascinated with nudity. Nothing erotic or sexual or intimate. Being a boy, curious and attracted to girls, I never missed an opportunity to see the opposite sex. I also sought paintings which I appreciated the artistic aspect of it.

Growing up I started exploring nudity and reasoning: is it humiliating to be naked? Why are women always being asked to be in the nude, modelling, photographs, calendars, art etc, and men are rarely found in the buff? Is it a gay thing?

Once I tried to swim naked with the fear of being arrested. Close by, I saw two women who were giggling because they saw me naked. Were they laughing because I was naked? My size? I liked the fact that they saw me naked, but wondered if they liked what they saw.

I took every opportunity I could get, when alone, to stay naked. I fantasised of being naked in front of women. I opt for a nude lifestyle as much as I could as well as being naked in front of women. Being single is easier, as doing it with daughters around could be perceived as a perf or paedophile.

Once I hatched a plan. I invited two of my closest female friends and planned that right before they come, I come out of the shower with a towel around me and when I open the door the towel ‘accidentally’ slips. The day came and that’s what I did. I wanted to see their reaction. I opened the door, excused myself that I just came out of the shower and the towel slipped. There I stood naked, pretending to be embarrassed but in the meantime with an adrenaline rush, I saw their faces from a gaze changing into a smile and a giggle, then excusing themselves for laughing.

I excused myself for the embarrassment and continued to get dressed. I observed their faces twitching throughout the stay. They were thinking of me naked. Women like to see naked men, I reasoned. I asked whether they were thinking about the incident. They didn’t answer but I challenged them and asked if they don’t mind me being naked around them. I was greeted with a ‘no, no’ deep down knowing they wanted it.

I proceeded and stripped down to my boxers and one of them said she thought I’d get naked. I pretended to ignore. After a while Anna* came from behind and pulled it down. The action was greeted by a clap and giggle by Sonia*. I therefore stayed naked in front of them for the rest of the evening without being intimate.

They seemed to be pleased, I felt aroused and fulfilled.

So naked I am ever since.

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The letter has been edited for clarity.

Editor’s note: this letter speaks about nudity in a circle of close friends, who feel safe in each other’s presence. It’s a good chance to remember that one should never impose their nudity on people who, unlike Anna* and Sonia*, are likely to feel intimidated by it. Respecting other people’s consent is essential.