It’s not complicated if you know where to start!

Manscaping is a reality some of us men face up to on a regular basis. The problem with this, however, is where to start and how it should be done. Do you shave the whole thing? Should you trim it instead? And what about the balls? Do you trim or shave the hair down there?

Well, always start by trimming your pubic hair with an electric trimmer. This helps remove the bulk of the hair and gives you a better ‘work-surface’ for the more intricate bits. Obviously, make sure it’s properly charged before, because the last thing you want is to end up with just half your pubic hair gone.

Your next steps are to wash the area with warm water and soap, and to apply shaving gel. This helps ensure your skin is prepped for what’s coming, and that the hair is soft enough to be shaved (which means less irritation).

Before you start shaving, decide how much you want to shave off. Do you want to leave some hair in the area or do you want to go bald-eagle? I’m not a fan of the latter, so I always leave some. Nevertheless, whether you’re taking off a bit or all of it, pulling the skin back (around your pubic area, that is) allows for a more even shave.

Obviously, don’t forget to groom your perineum (the area between your genitals and your butt) because it can be a bit of a shock to find a bush there when everywhere else is shaved, you know? And, needless to say, balls should be shaved rather than trimmed.

Some men prefer using depilatory creams to shaving. This is, of course, fine, but do remember that the skin around your genitals is much more sensitive than elsewhere on your body. Always test a patch on your elbow first to ensure you are not allergic to the cream, and then test another small patch on the groin before going the whole way.

And, finally, never groom your man-bush when you’re in a hurry. Cutting yourself down there can be extremely painful, not to mention that it makes you more prone to getting STIs if you’re planning on having sex later on that day.

With all that in mind, good luck… Because you’ll need it!

Do you have any other advice for men looking to tame their bush?

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