It’s the time of year when everyone is rushing around to get the perfect gift for all their loved ones. Since it happens every year, it is easy to run out of ideas over time. On top of this, families are living in ever-smaller homes with limited display and storage space. With the current growing trend of reducing carbon footprint and clutter in our lives, gift-shopping can be as frustrating as it is rewarding for those of us intent on giving meaningful pressies to all. Here are some experience ideas to give our loved ones this year:

1. A Voucher for a Massage, Manicure or Pedicure

Who doesn’t love good pampering? Most of us tend to get too caught up in the day-to-day and neglect making time for such things. A voucher will nudge the receiver into making time for the treat. It won’t hurt that they get to do it for free, too.

2. Cinema Tickets

It is cold outside during the Christmas Season, so two tickets to the big-screen are just the right thing for any film-lover to enjoy a night out in company, yet away from the elements.

3. Babysitting Offer

Parents find it a tough feat at times to get some quality time out with other adults sans kids. Offer to babysit their little ones whilst they go out for a well-deserved rest.

4. A Weekend Getaway

Surprise your loved one with a break from it all, especially if you know your parents are giving the Babysitting Offer mentioned above.

5. Cleaning Service

We know how it is, especially when there are kids around. Housework is done slowly and haphazardly around a schedule of tears and chauffeuring. By the time it’s done, the week has passed and it is time to start over. So why not book a one-time cleaning service for a tired housewife friend, especially if she is on said Weekend Getaway and will come home to the surprise?

6. High Tea or Coffee Date

We might give gifts at Christmas and then find it terribly difficult to meet up throughout the rest of the year. So a voucher for a ‘friend date’ sounds like a sure way to keep up the friendship.

7. Booking to a Gym or a Course

As with a massage, we sometimes delay making commitments simply because we do not make up our mind to them, even though we know we’d love to. When someone else pays for our classes, we feel responsible and will turn up for every session or lesson.

8. Plan a Camping Trip for All Your Friends and Family

What spells fun more than a night under the stars? Kids and adults alike will love huddling together around a campfire and waking up in the morning to find themselves in natural surroundings. So make this Christmas season one that your loved ones will share and remember.

9. Donation to the Receiver’s Preferred Cause

From funds for the Missions to Cancer Support, Animal Shelters to Orphanages, there are many humanitarian groups that help those in need. As they say, every cent counts, so make yours count with the gift-receiver’s blessing.

10. A Photo Shoot Voucher

We all know one or two selfie lovers for whom this would be a sure bet. So let them be a photo model for an hour or so, and they might remember your gift forever in the form of a framed pic in their home.

Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments!