Oops moments happen, c’est la vie, says the new marketing slogan for Lights by TENA liners, showing that light incontinence can be discussed lightly. The hygiene products manufacturer is now offering high absorbency liners specifically designed to absorb little leaks – and you can test it for free!

Although it’s commonly associated with older women, light incontinence actually affects women of all ages. Coughing, sneezing, running, or even laughing too hard are just a few of the ways little leaks can happen. A slightly weakened bladder, mainly due to lack of strength in the pelvic floor, is perfectly normal – as many as one in four women have this condition.

Does that mean one should refrain from a hearty laugh? Of course not. With everything that’s going on in your life, the last thing you want to worry about is not feeling fresh because of a few little leaks here and there. A lot of women who experience light incontinence often reach for the familiar pads they use for their periods. However, the problem with using regular sanitary or panty liners is that they’re not designed for urine, which needs to be absorbed at a much quicker rate. Conventional liners may remain moist, feel heavy, and require frequent changing.

TENA now offers a specially designed, highly-absorbent liner, that keeps you 5x drier than regular liners. Use FeelFresh™ Technology, which quickly locks away moisture and odour, practical and comfortable lights by TENA provide a clean, hygienic and odour-free solution to
little leaks.

Specifically constructed for those ‘oooops’ moments, lights by TENA™ offer that ‘fresh from the shower’ feeling all day long – so that you can lLive your life with a carefree attitude, stay fresh and feel confident.

Now TENA offers free samples to be delivered straight to your door. They can be requested by sending an email to: tena@pharma-cos.com or by telephone on 21441870.