Let’s use this time for real reflection about being nice or naughty

I’ve always actively refused to mollycoddle my son, but some parental instincts are simple too overpowering to ignore. These are always my five pieces of wisdom.

Bullying Is Not OK: I don’t know what would be worse for me, finding out my son was being bullied or discovering he is a bully. As a person who was bullied at primary and moved on to become a bully in secondary, I can tell you that is a vicious cycle that does no one any good.

Be Kind: Whether it’s by being supportive, holding a door open for someone, or sharing the goodies you get from the school canteen or the corner shop, a small gesture can go a long way. Which is why I always tell him to help others out.

Speak Out: Don’t take things as they come. Don’t see someone being wronged and stay silent. Don’t make friends by hiding their dirty secrets. Yes, you might be called a ‘snitch’, but you will grow up with one of the best weapons you can have in your arsenal: you won’t take other people’s shit.

Appreciate This Opportunity: Because our education is free, we take it completely for granted. School is a chore forced upon our children by the government, not an opportunity to learn. I won’t have that. School is essential to develop the mind and character, and I expect my son to be grateful that he can go to a clean school, sit on a sturdy chair and learn how to count. A lot of kids don’t have that privilege; a lot of adults are sad their forfeited it.

Respect Your Teachers: I was a nightmare as a child, and many teachers hated me, but I wasn’t disrespectful to them. Teachers are superiors to students’ in a school; they are the ones instilling knowledge and values into their minds. If a child can’t respect a person who’s there to give them something so priceless, than what hopes can they have to ever becoming a decent human being?

Is there anything else you’d tell your child?

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