We all need a little self-lovin’!

It’s the oldest idea in the world: no one can fall in love with you unless you love yourself first. But what does it really mean? And how can we love ourselves? Surprisingly, it’s a bit like dating…

Take Yourself Out: The way to truly discover who you are and to fall in love with yourself is by spending time with yourself. Now, I know what you’re thinking: I’m constantly with myself. And, yes, that’s true. But how many times to do take yourself to the spa? Or out for a coffee? How many times do you truly just spend time with nobody but you, making yourself feel loved and pampered?

Exercise: Your body releases endorphins – the happiness chemicals – when you exercise, making you feel happier. Of course, there is also the other benefit of being fitter. The trick here is to do something that you enjoy; so, dance in the living room, go for a walk, or cycle in your favourite spots.

Forgive Yourself: Some of us go through life feeling constantly guilty about the things we did, said, could have done and should have done. While it is important to recognise any wrongdoings or shortcomings from our part, it’s also important to forgive yourself for them. Meditation and therapy are two ways of doing this.

Play: Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to have some downtime to play. That could be anything, from doing something you love (such as taking up dance classes or art lessons) to actually playing a game of Solitaire. Whatever makes you feel happy and at peace, make time for it!

Create Boundaries: Whether it’s people taking too much of your time, or lack of clear boundaries between your work and personal life, it’s important to enforce the boundaries. Be brutal (but kind) when it comes to this. Work is necessary, and not just the rewards for it. But so is personal time. Friends are priceless, but so is our sanity.

Well, there you have it! It’s really not that difficult to love yourself but it’s important that you take tiny steps every day to ensure that you feel better!

Do you have any other advice for someone to learn to love themselves?

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