The New Victorians hope to bring their new songs to international attention through a crowdfunding campaign on ZAAR

The brilliant Maltese singing duo The New Victorians hope to take their new music to an ever-more international level with the help of a crowdfunding campaign on ZAAR. Funds raised via the sisters’ campaign on the local platform will help support the production of their latest EP and three new music videos, as well as a professional marketing campaign for the band and extra time in the recording studio.

“We all love a good story, and we want to tell stories with our music that can truthfully represent our generation, and inspire them to seize the day,” says one half of the duo, Philippa Cassar.

Her sister Bettina continues, “Through crowdfunding we believe we can create a community of backers who will enjoy our music. ZAAR will enable us to have maximum interaction with our followers and backers, thus including them in the whole process of production and offering them rewards as a thank you for their support”.

The band has planned an extensive series of ‘thank you’ perks. These will be given to backers based on the amount they have donated, ranging from selfies, cards and exclusive merchandise to sneak peeks, performance tickets and even an honorary mention on the new music videos.

The €2,500 target of the ZAAR crowdfunding campaign will complement the personal savings dedicated by the sisters themselves, as well as various funding applications and corporate sponsors already committed to the project.

Meanwhile, The New Victorians’ schedule has been busy with writing new songs, working on band arrangements and pre-production, storyboarding and casting music videos, finding locations and costumes, and extensive music practice – all to help realise the duo’s dream of making Malta proud.

You are invited to visit for more information regarding the crowdfunding campaign for The New Victorians. The New Victorians are supported by Ecco, Pringles and Nina Ricci.