Director Tyrone Grima set to revamp Jean Anouilh’s Antigone with the help of an all-star cast and Italian circus professionals.

A new adaptation of Jean Anouilh’s classical play, Antigone, will see the tragedy pan out in a Victorian-style circus for the first time in its history. First staged in Paris at the Théatre de l’Atelier in 1944, when France was under Nazi occupation, the play speaks about the balance between rejection and acceptance of authority.

Normally set in Grecian times, the tragedy will, for the first time, be staged in a Victorian circus environment. With the staging created by Perit Adrian Mamo, it is currently in the works under the direction of Tyrone Grima. The project will see the cast train with Italian circus masters, and is currently looking to raise €1,500 on local crowdfunding platform,

Photo: Steven Levi Vella

“Antigone is a tragedy that has entranced audiences for the past 2,000 years – first with Sophocles’ version and, later, with Anouilh’s modern remake,” explains director Tyrone Grima, who has previously directed the critically-acclaimed Mela Hawn xi Manikomju? and Children of a Lesser God. “It’s a timeless play that is relevant in every society and for every generation, and it’s only fitting that we give it the best possible adaptation we can.”

Mr Grima has teamed up with Teatru Manoel and actress Sharon Bezzina to turn his vision into reality. Together with an all-star cast featuring Ms Bezzina herself, Charles Sammut, Malcolm Galea, Joseph Zammit, Vanessa Attard, Chiara Hyzler, Stephen Mintoff, Sean Briffa and Graziella Galea Pirotta, the team is looking to make the tragedy even more memorable.

“The setting is as important as the acting, the script and the direction. And in order to make it more believable, we have engaged Italian circus professionals to give the actors training,” Mr Grima continues. “Together with costume designer Angele Galea, and composer and lights-expert Chris Gatt, we want to make this a night out at the theatre that raises the bar.”

The crowdfunding project closes on Thursday 30 November, while the play will be on at the Manoel Theatre on Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th February 2018. Rewards for backers include free programmes, tickets, back-stage experiences and even props to take home.

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