Watching people in their late 20s clubbing as a 17-year-old, I used to hope I would never become one of those ‘old, sad folks’. Now that I’m in my mid-30s and still go clubbing, well…

Before I noticed, people in my social circle fell off the clubbing bandwagon one by one. Some did so because they got into serious relationships, others because they didn’t want to waste their weekend hungover in bed, and others because they felt that they had outgrown the clubbing scene altogether.

And me, I continued clubbing – although sporadically, when compared to my strict regime of Friday, Saturday, Sunday in the teens and early 20s. I still enjoy clubbing because that’s where most of my other single friends were, and because getting sloshed helps me deal with the things this world throws at me.

Even so, I often find myself questioning whether I am too old for this. Surely, I think to myself, I won’t find a partner in a bar while intoxicated. Surely, I could be spending my Saturdays doing something more constructive and productive than nursing a hangover while watching re-runs of Friends. Surely, I am now past the age of waking up and having a heart attack at the amount I’ve spent on shots. Surely, there comes a time when downing shots at Havana becomes inappropriate, right?

Well, with no answer from my end, I went on an informative trip round the Internet and discovered that science has actually come up with the definitive age of when someone becomes too old for clubbing… 37. Now, by scientific evidence I mean it’s a Currys PC World survey of people’s opinions. Which, with no disrespect to anyone involved, is not exactly Einstein- or Newton-approved, you know?

Yet it did get me to realise that, realistically, the exact age when someone is too old to go clubbing is the age they decide they are too old to go clubbing. And that is mostly based on what you look for in clubbing.


If you go out to pick girls, then getting into a relationship means that you’re done with clubbing. If you go clubbing to meet friends, and all your friends are now hanging out at a wine bar in Naxxar, then the reason for your clubbing becomes obsolete. But, if like me, clubbing is a way of letting go and avoiding responsibility for a few hours, then the whole charade of facing hangovers, paying for taxis home and dancing to songs you never thought would be recorded is made worth it.

My two-cents to that science is – club to your heart’s content but only until it makes your heart content.

Over and out.

Do you agree with James? Do you think there is an age when one becomes too old to club?

Or have you got frowns from a bouncer for your age? Let us know in the comments section below.