Launched on the 9th of November, Solitude is a fashion photography exhibition by Maltese photographer Kurt Paris that will run throughout the month of November at Palazzo de Piro, Mdina.

What does being in solitude mean to you?

Is ‘being’ the same as ‘feeling’ or are those two words, so similar, bridges apart?

Solitude depicts life in a state of feeling alone despite being surrounded by people and information. The constant rush, the constant shifting of focus, of mental stimulation.

We live in a world where we are constantly fed information, especially about others’ lives, a world in which a digital presence is a sign of living. In this digital age, we have never been as connected yet disconnected, almost as if we live in two worlds, both running in parallel, often unsure which one we are truly part of.

Kurt Paris brings together his passion for capturing moments and scenes with his love for fashion photography and portraiture

Solitude Kurt Paris


Kurt Paris is an established fashion photographer that has been working in the field for 7 years. He began his photography career working with iStockPhoto, initially as a contributor but eventually landing the coveted role of an inspector. He was involved in both organising and attending various international workshops organised on behalf of istock.

As a fashion photographer based in Malta, Kurt quickly established himself as a prominent figure. His strengths include an uncanny ability to manipulate lighting fused with a creativity and technical approach to all elements of photography. Kurt was awarded the Best Fashion Photographer Award for three subsequent years. Over the years, Kurt has been involved in shooting numerous editorials and campaigns.

Solitude features Gabriella from Supernova Model Management and outfits from local designers’ Ritienne Zammit, Luke Azzopardi and Rosemarie Abela.

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