Local designer Saz Mifsud is known for her distinctive printed silk scarves. Next week you can experience more of her intricate, nature-inspired creativity, as she will launch a range of silk evening bags on 25 November.

Winter is opulent in the world of Saz Mifsud; harlequin green, emerald and fern unite with byzantium, palatinate purples, sitting alongside moody shades of cream and pearl. The multi-talented designer combines her own painting, photography and digital manipulation to design her silk scarves. Creating luxury silk evening bags is Mifsud’s newest creative experiment.

Model Tina Mifsud presents Saz Mifsud’s silk bag. Photo: Andrew Borg Wirth

Modelled in a charming shape with fine piping and shimmying tassels, the bags have been specially designed to perfectly pair with the designer’s latest silk scarf collection for the Autumn/Winter 2018 season: Begonia. For this incandescent collection, Mifsud has literally taken a leaf out of some of her favourite gardens, giving eternal life to the beauty that is the perfection of the botanical world.

The Saz Mifsud evening bags will be on display and for sale at Intune Designs, 281A Manwel Dimech Street, Sliema, on 25 November between 10:30 and 19:00. Accompanying Saz Mifsud’s collection (see website), Intune Designs will display their beautiful winter clothing and eveningwear collection by Claudia Gescher and AB headpieces by Adalia. Light refreshments will be served.