If you don’t believe that humans affect climate change, please go Trump yourself. 

So you diligently take that grey bag out when instructed. Congrats! But recycling some of your waste is not enough to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Each and every one of us plays a role in climate change – that role is often referred to as ‘carbon footprint’. We need to do more to ensure the protection of our planet, and here’s where you can start.

Travel Wisely. You don’t need four cars for four people to go to Paceville, and you don’t need take the car to go to Valletta. Be wise, not lazy in how and when you use your car. Enjoy the breeze on a ferry and discover carpooling. Hitch a ride whenever you can. Ask for Skype meetings or phone calls whenever possible, and work from home if you can.

Reuse. Why throw glass jars away when you can use them for storage? Why buy bottled water when you can have a reverse osmosis system installed? Why use disposable cutlery and plates? Reuse objects as many times as you can and only throw them away when their life-cycle is properly over. It’ll save you money and help save our planet! Let’s not clog our little islands with waste.

Reduce Energy Usage. Change your lightbulbs to LED lights. Unplug electronics when they’re not in use. Insulate your home and install solar panels. Not only will it turn out cheaper for you, but it will also make life easier.

Use Water Sparingly. It’s a hard one to get used to, granted… Particularly as we’re used to turning a tap and having free-flowing water. But learn to reduce your water usage. Don’t let the shower run while shampooing your hair, use a bucket when washing your car, and use any clean, left-over water for your plants.

Don’t splash aimlessly

Eat Less Beef. Not only do cows generate a lot of methane gasses (from their farts), but the production and transportation of beef has a huge toll on our planet. So, replace it with alternatives – after all, not every meal needs to include red meat!

Do you know of any other ways of lowering our carbon footprint?

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