Gerard, what can you tell us about your new book?

My new book will take the readers on an intriguing ride into the glitzy and cutthroat world of the music industry. A powerful media mogul who heads a private TV station has accepted a shady offer from the brother of an ambitious artist who wants to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. He sets up a girl group called “Bormla Babes” and all has been secretly set for them to win the local song selection….

Meanwhile, a psychopath is going around the island killing beautiful girls….

Why Bormla?

Why not? After the release of “Sliema Wives” and “Madliena Married Men,” many people told me that I had forgotten the south. So I decided to give my third novel a southern vibe! The three main characters hail from Bormla and there is a very interesting mix of characters which give the novel a lot of colour.

Above: Amanda Zammit,  Nicolà Grixti & Rebecca Attard Montalto 


Such as?

Three ambitious girls. A closeted gay singer. An acclaimed pop-princess. A powerful and handsome media mogul. His swizzle-stick wife.A bitter vocal coach/ ex-lover. A psychopath who strangles beautiful girls with a DVD cord….

So it is also a thriller?

 It’s an entertaining mix: Drama/thriller/scandal. There is a mix of humour, sarcasm, and gossip thrown in too. Just like my other books.

Madliena Married Men was a steamy thriller with an excellent plot twist. Is this similar?

 Madliena Married Men is darker and perhaps raunchier. There are some steamy sex scenes here too…. (can I mention a billiard table?) and yes, some great twists also!

Why do you think your books have been so successful?

Probably because they are entertaining, different, based exclusively in Malta, and have known personalities thrown in the mix of invented characters. A lot of my readers have said that they like the writing style and the fact that the story keeps them hooked.

But there are a few people who have criticised your books too…

Of course! You can never please everyone. In life it is always a matter of taste – some like something, others don’t. Fair enough.  I really do not mind constructive criticism at all. I just think it is sad when some decide to trash something without even reading it. Then the critique loses its credibility and it is very obvious they are just trying to appear “cool”. It would be like me saying a restaurant is bad without actually entering the place and ordering food. On the other hand, I have had loads of positive feedback from both women AND men! I was overwhelmed by the response. “Madliena Married Men” was even positively reviewed by a newspaper in South Africa, after the author purchased a copy whilst on vacation in Malta. I was thrilled.



Any chance we see them on TV or a movie?

There is definitely a lot of potential, so that could eventually be possible.

Have you also been involved in the book teaser for Bormla Babes: Behind-The-Scenes? It’s a very attractive way to promote your book.

Yes, I have done it for all three books actually. I love the creative energy that goes into them. I always come up with the creative concept and for Bormla Babes: Behind-The-Scenes, I have also directed the clip and Mauro D’amato was in charge of the videography.

The book cover is equally eye-catching. Where can our readers buy your book?

The cover photo was shot by photographer Keith Darmanin who was also responsible for the MMM cover. And I really have to thank the lovely models on the cover (and video clip) for their time and patience! Bormla Babes: Behind-The-Scenes is now available at all leading bookstores.

Do you have a message for our readers?

Yes. It would be great if you could support ALL local authors. I’m sure that my fellow colleagues would agree with me. And of course, I would like to thank all those who have supported my journey so far. I appreciate all the lovely feedback you keep sending me. Thank you, so much!

Above: Author of Bormla Babes, Gerard James Borg.

Photography – Keith Darmanin #KitzKlikz