Yes, we went there.

“Don’t you think women these days wear more make-up than they used to?”

That is how the conversation at my friend’s house turned sour a couple of days ago… When a man asked a woman if women wear more make-up than they used to. Needless to say, almost everyone seemed to have an opinion on the matter, especially the men.

“Yes! I don’t get it. The fake lashes and that powder that makes you look darker… What’s it called, again? Ah, yes… Bronzer? I don’t get it. I like my women natural!” said one.

“Yeah, but, it does make women look prettier. I’m sure we’d look better if we wore make-up,” stated the other.

“Oh, yes. But I have shown this make-up video a few weeks ago. The woman was unrecognisable after she finished. She used like a hundred different products…It’s mad!”

I’ve never had much of an opinion on the matter myself, to be honest. I’d always been of the school that, so long as it makes you look and feel good, then you can do whatever you want, you know?

But it was a reply by one of the ladies that really changed my mind.

“I honestly don’t get your point,” she said before she sighed, clearly ready to go on a rant. “Do you think we wear make-up to please you? Do you think we put on fake eyelashes so you can look into our eyes and think, ‘What an effort she’s made for me!’ No, we wear make-up because we want to and because it makes us feel and look better. And make-up isn’t just a way of making yourself look prettier; it’s an art. Instead of using a canvas, we use our faces. Do you know how expensive it is to put together a good collection that lets you experiment? And how long it takes to master the winged liner?”

The drama ensued and, by the end of the night, everyone went home believing exactly what they believed before the discussion. But it really made me realise that most men think women wear make-up to look better for them when, in reality, they wear make-up because it gives them that edge; because it boosts their confidence.

And what’s wrong with that?

What do you think of women who wear too much make-up?