An original theatre production for children, which tackles how they deal with bereavement, is being crowdfunded for on ZAAR, a Maltese platform.

Dear Pete, devised by a local company Studio 18,  follows the story of young Pete as he learns how to come to terms with the loss of his mother, in a colourful and imaginative adventure alongside his pet Splint.

In preparation for the original play, in order to truly depict how children process the different stages of grief, the company consulted Mr Ian Azzopardi Meli, an educational psychologist.

Dear Pete portrays, in a very subtle way, how children go through bereavement,” Mr Azzopardi Meli says. “The fact that there is a production that deals with bereavement, whereas it is usually avoided – especially in children – is to be appreciated.”

Studio 18 has opted to create a crowdfunding campaign on ZAAR to help fund the embellishment of the original Dear Pete production, professionally enhanced set, lighting and sound design, music composition, costumes, script, and special effects.

It is expected that by crowdfunding on ZAAR, Dear Pete will inspire a change in the way how the arts receive investment and support.

For more information regarding the Dear Pete crowdfunding campaign, please visit

Dear Pete Poster

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