Because classics never die!

Maltese TV is evolving and with each new schedule, we’re getting better quality shows. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten the classics… So, as we move closer to the new TV schedules for autumn 2017, here are five shows I – and, I assume, many others – would love to see back on the small screen.

Il-Klikka: Our version of Gossip Girl (or The OC?), Il-Klikka was a TV event like no other when it first premiered. It was daring, edgy and full of young-adult angst. More importantly, it turned its main cast into local superstars.


Angli: There was something incredibly sexy about this show… Maybe it was John Montanaro and Mikhail Basmadjian, or maybe it was the thrilling chases that went down in almost every episode. Whatever it was, Angli: The Movie was not enough. We need a new fix!

Enigma: Everyone loves a good ghost story and, when Enigma aired, it provided us with countless terrifying ones. Was it because we instantly recognised the locations? Was it because it made us believe it could have been us? I don’t know, but I’d like another run of this, please!


Delitti f’Malta: Dark and seriously entertaining, Delittif’Malta brought together fact and drama like no other Maltese TV show… Ever. Based on the books by Edward Attard, these stories captivated readers and TV audiences alike, and we’re sure there are enough stories for – at least – another season of this!


Ipokriti: And how could we forget this one? The most iconic TV series ever to run in Malta, Ipokriti was our version of Dynasty and Dallas (complete with the hairdos!), and it somehow appealed to people of all generations. In fact, I still remember kids discussing it before the morning assembly at school, and adults at the grocer! We need something to bridge the gap like that again.

Are there any other shows you’d like to see back on TV?

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