Yes, on top of the greying hair.

When I hit 30 four years ago, I realised two things: the first was that it’s really not a big deal to turn 30; the second, that my attitude had changed a lot since I had turned 20…

Here’s how:

You Avoid Drama: In my early 20s, every break-up and every argument felt like a monumental milestone. It would consume my thoughts, my conversations, and my life to the point where, even if I was not directly involved, I became part of the narrative. As I’ve grown older, that has changed. I realise now that some relationships have to end, some quibbles have to be had, and that drama will only make things worse.

You Become More Callous (In Certain Circumstances): While your empathy is heightened as you grow older, you literally become indifferent to people who are rude to you or disregard your feelings. While a few years ago I would have been devastated if someone walked up to me in the middle of the road and said they didn’t like what I was wearing (it’s happened), today I just tell them to go to hell… And it’s very satisfying.

You Know Your Worth: As a young person and professional, your worth seems to be dictated by those around you. A word of praise sends you to the moon, while constructive criticism destroys your will to live. The same goes for relationships. As you get older, you learn that you can’t please everyone. More importantly, however, you get better at sifting advice from jealousy.

You Feel ‘Done’ Most of the Time: Whether it’s a political scandal or your car breaking down, in our teens and early 20s, we dedicate a lot of energy to things. As the years go by, you learn to literally ignore everything around you. It’s as if it all melts away before you let it affect your zen. And, you know what? With so many problems to solve, it’s not exactly a bad thing.

You Become Pickier: With who you spend your time with; with who you date; with who you tell your problems to. Years of experience help your gut tell you when a person is worth investing in and when you should just tell them to eff off. You also downsize your inner circle of friends – and, yet, you feel safer.

What else changes as we grow older?