I’ve worked in the same industry for twelve years, in four different offices, with three different companies. Yet I have found that wherever I am and whatever my job title, the dynamics of human relationships in the office remain the same.

Everyone forms impressions of other people that they work with everyday and very often particular traits of certain people will stand out. So whilst I sit thinking how annoying that woman’s laugh sounds, she might be thinking what a Snob I am. Thankfully she is not one to spread rumours, or she’s been telling everyone how I left the office right at the same time as the company’s hottest male Crush.

For no office is without its crew of stereotypical characters that make everyone’s work life just that little more interesting, or frustrating at times!

Here are some common types:

The Crush

Teenagers have one and invariably the adults too! Most often, the men will all fall for that one same girl who stands out from the crowd for both her face and figure. Women are a choosier bunch so the number of male Crushes at the workplace might be quite high.


Alpha Male

He’ll strut around like he owns the place and usually gets the attention he craves, save for when he overdoes the act. Acting cool is one thing, trying too hard is a faux pas.



No one likes them and with reason too. They might come in handy when you need some juicy news but in general, they cause more harm than good, especially when rumours they think up out of thin air are… just that.


Giggly Girl and Surfer Dude

It might be just a front, or even a God-given trait, but these types find it harder to be taken seriously as a rule.


Gay Best Friend

Just like Bridget Jones’ trusted bestie Tom, any gay friend is a gem to have. He’ll dish the news about the eligible men and is trust-worthy enough to keep your secrets. Oh, and he’ll listen to your moans about the men who let you down.


Smart Female Friend

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you will benefit from having one of them around. They make awesome listeners, give you advice, help you brainstorm and might even share your coffee break.


The Cool Ones and The Snobs

It’s like Mean Girls all over again. Or even Mean Boys. They will ignore your ‘Good Morning’ and snub your offer of tea, don’t admit to a mistake and generally act like they know it all.