With her new single, ‘Never Gone’ now dominating the airwaves, Christabelle is once again making headlines.

Christabelle has been part of Maltese pop culture for over a decade – first with appearances on television programmes alongside Antonella Vassallo and Clare Agius, and, later, on the biggest musical stage of the Maltese Islands, that of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

Now, following her work with Hollywood music producer, Geo Slam (XCX Artists), Christabelle has returned to the fore with her new single… And will soon be releasing her second single, ‘Touch My Fire’! Before that, however, we sat down with the songstress to discover her rehearsing habits, the process behind creating a song, and why young people should always chase their dreams!

Christabelle Borg

On creating a song:

“Well, for ‘Never Gone’ it was a relatively short but intense process. On the first day I met Geo, we chatted for hours and he got to know me and my personality better to ensure that the songs I’d sing would suit me and my image. We talked about my life, my friends, my fiancé, my hopes, my dreams – the good and the bad. Through that glimpse into my life, he created a sound for me. Then, the actual work on the single started. First came the creation of the melody, and later the writing of the lyrics. He then gave me both separately and my job was to understand what went where, and what I thought worked and what didn’t. In his words, with ‘Never Gone’, he wanted to show off my whole range as a singer.”

On rehearsing:

“I rehearse for two to three hours a day. Along with my dancers, we start by listening to the song, and then we choreograph it bit by bit. Unfortunately, I can’t dance as well as they can, so I need extra time alone with my choreographer. When it comes to music, I listen to the song and practice it. My vocal coach doesn’t live in Malta, so I practice by myself on a daily basis and go up to visit him regularly.”

On pursuing dreams:

“It’s never too late to start, and starting is always the hardest part. Always remember that dreams are all achievable if you work hard enough for them… It may sound a bit paradoxical but, sometimes, dreams are more of a reality than actual reality – when we really want something, we spend so much time thinking, talking and dreaming about it!

“So, my advice is to work hard every day at anything you want to achieve.”

Christabelle Borg

Photography: Kris Micallef
Clothes: Dizz Group
Jewellery: Bulgari at Sterling Jewellers
Make-Up: Jennifer The Make-Up Artist
Hair: Prive Hairdressing

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