As Malta’s culture scene continues to get more dynamic by the day, a new interactive theatre experience is taking to cyberspace to help crowdfund its way into existence on 28, 29 and 30 July 2017.

BabelX, which has been nicknamed a ‘story of cosmic proportions’, is hoping to raise upwards of €1,000. Set in Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta, the project will tell the story of how four civilisations from four different planets (and speaking four different languages) are summoned to Malta to reverse the fate of the universe. Will they manage to save the world?


“I don’t want to give too much away yet,” smiles director and producer Jacob Piccinino, “but I can promise audiences a great-fun experience that will transform one of our island’s most prominent gardens into an immersive and participatory activity.”

The evening will be split in two. For the first part, the audience will roam freely around the garden interacting with eight installations on display and learning more about the life and traditions of other planets. Then, in the second part, they will watch a planetary encounter between this devised show’s four main characters.

Jacob and his team are crowdfunding for four reasons. Primarily, they hope to be able to transform the Lower Barrakka extensively with lighting and decorations. Secondly, they hope to be able to source and create costumes and props for the installations. Thirdly, they would like to take the installations to the streets at a later date, adding further longevity to the project. And, finally, they would like to create bespoke music and a soundscape for BabelX.

“We decided to crowdfund on Zaar to help bring this project to life and to reach out to the public – we want them to know what we have planned and to invite them to come along,” Jacob continues.

A number of artists are collaborating on the project. Among them are dancers and actors Yasmin Falzon, Yasmin Schembri, Fabiana Mangialardi, Francesca Zammit, Rochelle Gatt, Christian Debono, Rachel Calleja, Mathab Mokhber and Diandra Mamo; Sandra Mifsud and Douglas Comleywho helped develop the installations; actors Sencan OytunTokuc, Alan Stuart, Goldie Cairncross, Arthur Dumas, Ninette Micallef and Mariele Zammit; costumer Enrique Tabone; and Michele Benincasa who created the artwork and The Amber Spark who handled the video production.


Together, the team came up with a number of brilliant rewards for those who support the crowdfunding campaign, including personalised ‘thank you’ letters, signed posters, personalised ‘thank you’ videos, meet-and-greets, and workshops.

As a result of all this, BabelX is well on its way to hitting its crowdfunding goal. “It’s exciting to see the support we’ve received and we’re hopeful about hitting our target and extending towards our stretch goal,” Jacob adds.

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