Don’t let the heat grind you down!

It’s hot. It’s sticky. And no matter how sexy you find your lover or significant other, having their beads of sweat drip-dropping on you during a session of love-making is rarely hot (in the figurative sense of the word). But, hey, we can’t let that dampen our sexual vigour, which is why I did some research on the best summer sex position to help you stave off the heat as you get down and dirty:

Minimal Contact: Yes, sex is all about contact – you need to touch them, kiss them, fondle them, explore their bodies. And if they’re in bed with you, then they probably need it too. But it’s just too hot. So, have the guy lay down on his back, sit cow-girl style on him and, with him inside of you, move your hips side to side. For maximum effect, turn on the A/C or the fan and put on Ariana’s song.

Close But Not Too Close: With the lady lying down, the man goes in missionary-style BUT keeps his torso elevated by placing his arms on either side and holding himself up. This gives the sense of intimacy without any of the body-heat.

Pool-side Fun: If you own a pool and it isn’t overlooked by neighbours and prying eyes, then this one is for you. Find a spot where the guy can stand in the pool but where his hips reach the edge of the pool’s perimeter, lie face down, and get ready to hula.

Why Lie? Who needs a bed to have sex? Definitely not me; and definitely not in summer. So, if you’re like me, simply stand with your back to the guy and bend over. Ideally, use your arms and hand to keep you balanced. This means that there isn’t too much contact, while the cool floor will let you go at it for longer!

Less Adventurous, Yet Cooler: The Pool-side Fun position can also be done in bed. Here, you’ll also have some added benefits, such as a fan or A/C, and less chance of getting caught. Ideally, the man should hold his lady’s legs as open as possible to avoid physical contact – just make sure she’s comfortable, of course!

So, there you have it: five sex positions that are hot and cool at the same time.

Any more ideas for summer sex positions?