Żibel has been gaining ground when it comes to clean up missions across Malta in recent months, with successful events taking place in Fomm ir-Riħ, lAħrax tal-Mellieħa, Xrobb lGħaġin and more.

So far the organisation has collected a whopping 20 tonnes of rubbish, and it’s now on track to collect even more. This time around the group even hope to be able to filter the beach for microplastics, as well as the usual larger pieces of rubbish and general waste.

The next clean-up mission will take place on 28 July from 4.30pm on and around Paradise Bay – a Natura 2000 site that is in desperate need of some TLC.


“As these pictures show, Paradise Bay itself and, especially, the rocks around it have become dumping grounds for everything from beach rubbish to tyres and bits of machinery,” says Żibel co-founder Andrew Schembri, adding that a lot of the rubbish washes up from the sea during storms and over time. “If we don’t clean the area up, then all of that rubbish will simply wash back into the sea causing havoc to the eco system.”

The Żibel team hopes to get a substantial crowd together to make lighter work of this mammoth clean up. The mission will start at 4.30pm and everything participants need will be provided, including gloves, collection bags and drinking water. “We recommend that those joining us wear comfy, beach-style clothes, good shoes, sunscreen, and bring a reusable cup or bottle for water,” says GhislaineCalleja, who also co-founded Żibel. “You are welcome to bring snorkels too, to help remove plastic from the sea.”

The clean-up will run from 4.30pm-8pm and will be followed by a meet-up on the beach with live music.

“This really is a stunning part of our island and it’s our responsibility to clean it up,” says third co-founder Sam Degaetano. “We are pleased to have the support of the team that runs the bar on Paradise Bay Beach, which already does a lot to safeguard the area and works hard to protect the surroundings here.

“Nevertheless, it’s such a shame to see the state that this incredible site has been reduced to, but we’re excited to be working with other people to do something about it. We hope to get a good crowd together on the 28th,” he adds.

To join the clean up, simply turn up at the Paradise Bay Beach meeting point on 28 July at 4.30pm, or join Żibel by signing up to be a ‘Żibla’ or ‘Żiblu’ at www.zibel.org