The Maltese Karrozzin is a traditional mode of transport, which comprises of a horse pulling a wood and metal carriage. Once a transit necessity, now a tourist attraction.

We respect tradition, and we are sure that most keepers respect their horses, however, we want to be a voice for those gentle creatures that are not so lucky.

These horses pull carriage-loads of tourists, in places such as Valletta, Mdina and Rabat. Apart from the obvious sun stress, these animals are also subject to developing dangerous respiratory problems breathing pollution from exhaust fumes and crippling leg conditions from constant contact with the hard, rough surfaces on the ground. Overworked and ill, they strive to survive as they endure insufferable conditions and unendurable pain throughout their entire lives. It is highly unlikely that horses get any type of break when there are customers waiting!

In many cases, horses have dropped dead from heatstroke after working in the busy streets. Horses have often been seriously spooked by the loud noises from traffic in the streets and have then run berserk because of their extreme sensitivity to unexpected sounds. Horses and sometimes people have been seriously hurt, with some injuries resulting in fatalities.

Sign this petition to ensure that these animals will finally have the rights they humanely deserve.