True friends are priceless and should be consequently valued.  They will be there for you no matter what: in times of joy, as well as in those of sorrow, always ready to give support whenever necessary.
Yet, such buddies are very few indeed, and it is, therefore, critical to show your appreciation towards such friendship and reciprocate. One should allocate time to be together, share experiences and build memories. Friends give advice, encouragement, and support, nevertheless, they are also there for a good laugh. You know them, and they know you, deeply.

Owed to our hectic lifestyle, we may sometimes lose touch with our friends, and drift apart.  We must, therefore, make a conscious decision to foster them, lest we one day realise that we have lost them all through inaction. So, if a friendship really matters to you, make it a priority and allocate time to nurture it. We must never take each other for granted and be sensitive to each other’s needs, lending a helping hand even when the other does not reach out for fear of imposing or embarrassment. True friends try to facilitate each other’s lives even through small acts of kindness, such as babysitting or collecting each other’s children from school; and when one falls ill, the other might help by running some chores, picking the medicine or dropping some food.

We all make mistakes, and true friends do not judge, instead, they generally try to understand our motivation. Additionally, they do not bear grudges or harbour resentment. Naturally, misunderstandings do arise and it is important to speak up so as to clear the air at the earliest opportunity. If tackled properly such incidences will help you to get to know each other better, so as to avoid situations that could irritate or hurt your friend in the future.
We live in a world where technology makes it very easy to communicate. So, be proactive and keep in touch regularly. Whether with a short message or a brief phone call, it is nice to know that you are in your friends’ thoughts. These little things could really brighten up your day.

helping a friend

Over time friends become very close, so it is critical to respect certain boundaries. You should avoid turning up unannounced, especially if it is the time your friend’s partner comes home. While a friend may open up about a family problem she or he may be going through, offer to help only if asked and avoid interfering. You must always respect family schedules and formalities, as well as different beliefs.

Value your friendship without becoming over-reliant.

You may count on your friends’ help yet always control your expectations and demands, remember that we are all individual beings so accept your differences and use them to build meaningful accords.