Local crowdfunding platform ZAAR has been appointed to represent Malta as the country patron and resident expert at ‘Crowd Dialog Europe’, a major crowdfunding event taking place in Athens this September.

The Crowd Dialog Europe event will welcome 500 delegates, alongside experts and country patrons representing all 28 European member states.

Select speakers, including the experts and country patrons, will give short inspirational talks on a variety of crowd-related topics including Crowd Funding, Crowd Sourcing, and Crowd Innovation, to promote wider discussion and networking on each subject.

Representatives from ZAAR, as Malta’s only crowdfunding platform that promotes local entrepreneurship and start-ups, will add the uniquely Maltese perspective to the event.

“We are excited and proud to be Malta’s country patron and crowd experts at Crowd Dialog Europe 2017”, says Manager of ZAAR Matthew Caruana. “It is a unique opportunity for Malta to join and contribute to the crowdfunding debate that is becoming ever-more relevant in Europe in terms of financing and innovation.”

ZAAR also invites anyone interested in the world of crowdfunding and crowd innovation to contact them about the possibility of contributing to the Crowd Dialog Europe event.

Parties interested in joining the delegation are encouraged to get in touch.

Visit for more information.