Well, it’s not a modern invention, that’s for sure!

Sex, as I’m sure all my readers know, is something that fascinates me… Not just because it’s enjoyable and fun, but because it is as much part of our humanity as emotions and as our need for food, water and air.

In fact, sex – or, in this case, oral sex – is intertwined with our history. Love and war, it seems, have always dominated our thoughts.

According to some art historians, the earliest art that depicts oral sex was discovered in Egypt, and tells the story of how Iris, after her brother, Osiris, was killed and chopped up, put the pieces back together and blew life back into her brother’s penis (made of clay) by sucking it… Riveting stuff, really!

The Turin Erotic Papyrus, dating backing to 1,150BC, is proof of Ancient Egypt’s knowledge of oral sex, and so, whether the depiction mentioned above is indeed the oldest ever found or not, becomes nullified by the fact that our ancestors all the way back to the time of the ancients performed oral sex on each other. And it wasn’t just renegaded to Egypt, either, the murals in the brothels at Pompeii are just as explicit.

Yet, according to French palaeontologist Yves Coppens, even pre-historic people practised a form of fellatio – although it would have been different to what we are accustomed to today…

We also have the Kamasutra, written in India between 2,200 and 1,800 years ago. The text has captivated people for two millennia, and even today you’ll find a couple of books with quotes and teachings from it in most well-stocked bookshops.

Of course, we always think of our Medieval ancestors as being pious, but the reality is that things like sex and oral sex couldn’t have died out or we wouldn’t be here to tell the tale. What we can assume, however, is given the Church’s stance on sex and how it was seen as a sin, people probably felt naughtier doing it.

What’s important to remember at this point is that oral sex is purely for pleasure. You can’t get pregnant performing oral sex, and so it became a taboo. But the human spirit endured and according to slang historian Jonathon Green, by the 1800s the English language had loads of terms for oral sex. That, in itself, is clear enough evidence that oral sex was practised – after all, we didn’t have a word for a tomato before it reached our shores, and our children have no clue what ‘floppy disk’ is.

Today? Well, in the USA reports have shown that people are performing oral sex at a younger age. That, I suspect, is the case in most of the Western World – which means that the history of oral sex is still being written. And I, for one, couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Did anything about the history of oral sex surprise you?