In the aftermath of the early election, I was left wondering whether we could ever make it work…

As a woman with an opinion on pretty much everything, I have always believed that we should respect each other’s opinion – whether they correlate with ours or not. Yet this election has changed my views on certain things… Not whether people should voice their opinion or not, but whether there are certain opinions I, as a person with certain beliefs, simply can’t live with.

Before the last general election, I had been dating someone for around six months. The conversation was great; the sex was awesome; the chemistry was on point. I was genuinely growing to love him, and I think the feeling was mutual.

We had discussed politics before, of course; and while we never saw eye to eye on certain things, we had reached an unspoken agreement to agree to disagree. For the relationship, that would have been a saving grace; for me, however, it was turning into a nightmare. I couldn’t believe that I had to remain silent when I felt something was wrong and should have been discussed – even if that was only at a dinner table and he was my only audience member. Every time I let something go, I felt like I was betraying myself and my ideals.

See, certain issues are simply too important for me to agree to disagree on. I can’t date someone who thinks that feminism equates to the hatred of men, who doesn’t see the need for a gay pride march, who lets religion get in the way of other people’s freedoms. And it’s the same with politics – especially at times when things seem to be at such crossroads.

Certain things are simply not opinion-based for some of us. And while I’ll happily ‘agree to disagree’ on which sex position is best for an orgasm, and which pastizzi-flavour is better, I just feel that politics, rather than showcase our opinions, reveal our values and hopes.

My values are what they are: at my age, I have seen and been through enough to know what is important to me; what is worth fighting for. So why would I be with someone who wouldn’t fight for the same things? Whose heart doesn’t ache when he hears of injustices?

I just don’t think I can do it.

What do you think? Can two people of opposing political views date happily?