Eat your way to more beautiful skin! 

Yes, creams and facials do help our skin look better but, as always, a good base is a very good place to start. For that reason, the first step is to drink lots of water to keep your skin cells hydrated and looking fuller and plumper. That’s just not enough, however. Eating healthy foods full of vitamins can also help you look younger and stave off skin-related cancers…. Intrigued?

Here are the five vitamins you need and which ingredients have them:

Vitamin C: It’s probably the most famous vitamin of all, but its benefits for the skin are simply amazing. In fact, on top of boosting your immune system, Vitamin C is also used by the body in the production of collagen, which makes up around 80% of our skins. It’s also easy to get your hands on this as it’s found in citrus fruit, broccoli, strawberries and bell peppers.

Vitamin C foods

Vitamin E: Usually found as an oil, Vitamin E plays a very important role in protecting the cell membrane by guarding what goes in and out of it. Moreover, when combined with Vitamin C, this vitamin helps protect the skin against UV damage! Oh, and if you’d rather ingest your Vitamin E, just have wheat germ (in shakes, bakes, yogurts, etc.), nuts and seeds, or that millennial favourite: avocadoes.


Omega-3: Found in flax seeds, walnut, fatty fish (like wild salmon, mackerel, and sardines) and edamame, Omega-3 is a good fat – yes, good fats exists, people! It’s so good, in fact, it helps keep the skin lubricated and preserves the integrity of the cell membrane, which, in turn, flushes toxins out of the skin!


Selenium: Skin quality and elasticity can be protected by selenium, a vitamin found in wheat germ, eggs and seafood, particularly crab. Scientists don’t suggest a set amount per day of this vitamin but say that the aforementioned ingredients should be incorporated into our diets… Crab omelette, anyone?


Polyphenols: Green tea is renowned for its detoxifying properties, and for good reason: it’s full of polyphenols, a vitamin that has anti-cancer properties including those that help reduce the risk of sun-related cancers. The best part? You can get enough from drinking just one cup of green tea a day!

Green Tea


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Are there any more vitamins you can think of that will help us look better?