Before I became a mother, I would associate the term superhuman with human-beings that possess a remarkable amount of endurance. These days, I understand that physical hardiness is nothing when compared to emotional strength and that’s exactly what you need when you become a parent.

We all see them, every day; on the streets, in the supermarkets, at work…their strength is silent.

Before I became a mother I had no idea what it entailed, I have a new found respect for every parent I meet. In my eyes, they are modern day heroes! How do they do it? Months of discomfort that lead to hours of labour, a lifetime of nurturing a tiny human being who will eventually outgrow you. Not to mention the fathers who are just as heroic in keeping everything together when things get out of hand.

Parents have to be superhumans, they juggle between their family life and their career while trying to be great parents and giving their little ones the life they deserve. Sometimes you feel like a robot and more often than not, you feel that you are not giving enough. Feeling guilty becomes a major player in your life and you always have this feeling of not being good enough for various reasons. Being a parent is an emotional roller-coaster and most often you realise that you have strengths and weaknesses that you knew nothing about before. Everyone speaks on how life changing becoming a parent is, but one will never understand the extent to these changes until one experiences it.

It’s so uplifting when you have the opportunity to speak to other parents only to find out that they feel the way you do.

So yes;

It’s normal to feel like you are never good enough or worthy enough and that you could be doing more.

It’s normal to love your career, yet feel guilty the moment you leave your children to be taken care of by someone else.

It’s normal to blame yourself for failures that you had no control over.

We may be broken, exhausted, doubtful, however, our fears are unnoticeable. We get dressed, prepare everything we need to, head out for our day and we function. Although some days are better than others, parents have a thing in common, the power love. Love is our driving force and that is what I think makes us unsinkable.

I am writing this article for all parents who have ever felt this way, we all cry alone, it’s perfectly acceptable and understandable! We are doing a brilliant job and our child’s smile speaks volumes about what exceptional parents we are. So cheers to us let’s keep going and let’s smile through the madness and try to make it through yet another day!