From internationally competitive bodybuilder to master coach to motivational speaker to author and blogger, I have definitely been round the health and fitness block a few times in my career.

It has been a beautiful journey – but no journey is worthwhile unless we learn something from it…and share the lesson with others.

So here are 8 golden rules learned from observing people working out over the past twenty five years.

1. If you can’t squat your own body weight properly, you have no business being under a squat bar.

2. If you can’t hold a plank properly for at least 30 seconds, don’t try to do push-ups.

3. Barbell curls are not limbo exercises.

4. Bench presses are not four-inch movements.

5. Dead-lifts are not back-curling or speed thrusting exercises.

6. Stop trying to do the stuff you see the pros doing on videos. Simply because 99% of people who go to a gym don’t need it.

7. If you honestly want to do things right, and you want to get where you deserve to be, just find a great coach. Someone who knows his stuff and honestly knows what he is doing.

8. Learn things the right way. Invest in yourself and in your education.

These are rules to abide by. They will save you a lot of grief.

Otherwise, stop kidding yourself.

Stay home. Eat cookies. Watch TV from your couch.

The world will be a safer place – for you and for others.