Forbes magazine has called influencer marketing the ‘biggest marketing trend of 2017’ – and it’s easy to see why. Across the world, while audiences are choosing to switch off from more traditional advertising mediums, they are embracing ‘influencers’ and heeding their advice on everything from fashion choices and beauty products to recipes and fitness regimes.

Locally, influencer marketing is still in its infancy – but one company is set to change that with the launch of its dynamic, easy-to-use platform that effectively connects brands to a plethora of potential influencers, and subsequently to their audiences. Infiltrend, which was launched in early 2017 by Francesca Mifsud, has already achieved international interest, and is now extending its services locally.

“While traditional marketing still has its place, today’s audiences look for something different and are driven by the opinions of the influencers they respect,” explains Ms Mifsud, who has studied influencer marketing trends for a number of years.


“These influencers engage with their audiences constantly through their social media channels or blog, so they’ve done the hard work for you by starting a conversation people want to join and developing a following. Thus, it’s simply a case of matching your brand to the right influencer, and for them to then craft branded content that endorses your brand in an organic way.”

While influencers tend to use a variety of platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and blogs – Infiltrend’s specialised platforms brings all of these together into one simple-to-use place. “This makes it easy for brands to really follow how campaigns are working in real time, and to assess which channels and influencers are working best for them. Regardless of how many campaigns you have on-going, there’s only one login area and one platform, which effectively enables you to manage everything with a few clicks. We’d like to think the results are very simple and effective,” Ms Mifsud says.

Aside from developing the platform, Infiltrend has also invested heavily in finding the right influencers, both locally and abroad. “There are a lot of really good influencers out there who have created honest and authentic content that their audiences love. Our job now is to help match those influencers and audiences to brands that will benefit from engaging with them – and that’s where our influencer database comes in. We reach out to all the great influencers so brands don’t have to do the research themselves or manage the relationships. All the information they need is laid out for them to see, so they can make the choice that fits. Once campaigns go live all the data is fed back to the brands so they can oversee the results. This is symbiotic for both the brands and influencers and really does get results,” Ms Mifsud adds.

Francesca Mifsud

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