Toes & soles: Whatever could be sexy about them?

I am no għagba, but I was quite taken aback when a few years (read decades) back someone told me I had sexy toes… I was so shocked, in fact, that I still consider it to be quite a pivotal moment in my sex life; mostly because I was left rather speechless in a context in which I’m normally very vocal.

I was reminded of this situation earlier this week when someone started talking to me about weird kinks.

“As far as kinks and fetishes go, feet aren’t that odd, right?” He asked me.

“I don’t know. I still haven’t decided where to categorise foot fetishism… On the one hand, is it any weirder to people’s fascination with armpits, pubic hair, back of thighs or ears? Yet, on the other, it’s feet. Licking and sucking on toes still feels quite submissive to me.” I answered.

But I wanted to know: Why do some people find them sexy?

Endless Possibilities

Feet are a gateway to many other kinks it seems, including high heels, stockings, boots and sandals among others. They are also a part of the limb which could be used extensively during sex to trample or walk on bodies or faces, to jerk someone off, and even to ball-bust… (Yes, the latter means exactly what you think it does.) So, in a way, feet are simply the face of many other sexual fetishes.

Connotations: Bare feet, much like breasts and sexual organs, are not something that’s often seen outside certain contexts: such as the beach or while having sex. That makes them more mysterious and ‘dangerous’, which, coupled with our innate wiring to like feet, makes them extremely desirable. And, yes, the liking of feet is innate…

Promise: A foot leads to a leg which leads to the – you get the drift. It is almost a form of self-punishing to start from the feet rather than at the prize straight away. And it heightens the pleasure in more ways than one, too, as the neurons responsible for sensations from the feet and those of sexual organs are close to each other in the brain.

Universal: Straight and gay men and women across all the world’s continents look up the word ‘feet’ in porn site’s search engines. This fetish is universal to human beings and universal to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and age (of course, we’re talking 18+ here). We are fascinated by feet and it’s no surprise that from Chinese foot binding to Cinderella, all cultures have a weird – and sometimes hidden – obsession with the feet.

Where do I categorise it now? Get me someone to lick my toes; I wanna see what the fuss is all about.

How do you feel about feet fetishes?