Fritz Grimm, a German-born photographer residing in Malta, has spent the past two years capturing Malta and Gozo’s landscapes for an exhibition that promises to take viewers’ breath away.

“Malta has given me the opportunity to truly unleash the artist within me; its rugged scenery and countryside inspire me continually,” says the artist, who took up photography 10 years ago. “I love heading out to meditate and ‘be at one’ with the landscape, and I felt it was time I gave something back to this beautiful country that has given me so much. That’s why I’ve decided to hold this exhibition and to donate most of the pieces to museums and galleries around the islands.”

Fritz’s series of 16 photographs will be printed on 180cm by 120cm canvases in ultra-HD to showcase Malta’s world-renowned scenery, including the much-loved and missed Azure Window, and its unmistakable palette of colours. Each print has been mounted under acrylic glass and tells a story of a unique and unforgettable moment experienced by the artist.

Above: Tower in the East captured by Fritz Grimm

It takes great sensitivity and talent to capture this kind of magic,” says Liana Waeckerli, who is organising Fritz’s landmark landscape photography exhibition. “This is an exhibition by someone who loves Malta but didn’t grow up in it, which gives these portraits of instantly-recognisable places a whole new angle and perspective that would be hard for any local to capture. It’s the Malta you love, but through a new set of eyes, if you will!”

Most pictures on display at ‘Love Malta’ will then be donated to museums and galleries in Malta and Gozo.

The ‘Love Malta’ exhibition by photographer Fritz Grimm will run between 1 and 29 June at Palazzo de Piro in Mdina, and between 1 and 31 July at The Cittadella in Gozo. For more information about Fritz Grimm, please visit

Featured image: Fritz Grimm captured by