You’re eating well and working hard at the gym but still can’t seem to make any progress regarding your weight. What is happening?

The truth is, we can always work a little bit harder, even if we can’t seem to admit it to ourselves. We probably shouldn’t have had that slice of cake calling out to us from the fridge and maybe we should have gone to the gym even though it was raining. Total happiness with your lifestyle will start to develop slowly once you ditch the scales, start eating food with no prescribed calories attached to them and live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few reasons why you might not be losing your desired weight.

Your portions are too big. 

We’re Maltese and we tend to go big or go home when it comes to food. Just like most of us, you were probably born and raised eating from a plate that contained way too much food. Start decreasing your portions slowly but don’t deprive yourself either. You also might be snacking way too often. Try to transform these snacks into healthier options such as fruit or nuts instead of chocolate or sweets. However, you can ‘cheat’ occasionally. After all, we only live once and life gets boring without that beloved ice-cream in summer!


You don’t drink enough water.

An increased water intake is healthy, this will help you shed off those kilos and will increase your skin’s radiance. Keep a water bottle on your work desk or carrying it around in your handbag so that you will always be reminded that you need to drink more water. You can also download apps on your phone that will alert you every time you need to drink water!


You’re not resting enough.

If you’re training hard at the gym, you need to give your body time to recover. Balance your workouts between cardio and weight-training but also give your body time to rest and regain its strength. Sleep is also important for your body to energise so make sure you’re getting enough of it.


You’re under too much stress.

Sometimes your personal and work life may get in the way of your weight-loss journey. Being under a lot of pressure can produce the stress hormone of cortisol. If your body is producing too much of this due to stress, this might be why you’ve gained a few kilos or you can’t seem to lose weight at the time.

Being healthy is a lifestyle that will change your body, mind and soul. Make sure that your goals are achievable and that you’re trying to reach them in the healthiest way possible for an equally healthy body and mind.